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L — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
lang — Static Property, class verlocity.Verlocity
Returns the language manager, which allows for translation.
LanguageData — Dynamic Class, package verlocity.lang
LanguageData() — Constructor, class verlocity.lang.LanguageData
This class will be the basis of language data.
LanguageManager — final class, package verlocity.lang
LanguageManager(defaultLanguage:verlocity.lang:LanguageData) — Constructor, class verlocity.lang.LanguageManager
LastIndex(aArray:Array) — Static Method , class verlocity.utils.ArrayUtil
Returns the last index of an array.
Layer — final class, package verlocity.display
Layer(nPosX:Number, nPosY:Number, sName:String) — Constructor, class verlocity.display.Layer
Creates a layer
layerDraw — Property, class verlocity.components.verLayers
layerMain — Property, class verlocity.components.verLayers
layers — Static Property, class verlocity.Verlocity
layerScrFX — Property, class verlocity.components.verLayers
layerUI — Property, class verlocity.components.verLayers
layerVerlocity — Property, class verlocity.components.verLayers
LCONTROL — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
LEFT — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
length — Property, class verlocity.core.Global
length — Property, class verlocity.core.LinkedList
Returns the length of the linked list.
length(bCalc:Boolean) — method, class verlocity.core.ObjectStorage
Returns the length of the storage.
Lerp(nDelta:Number, nFrom:Number, nTo:Number) — Static Method , class verlocity.utils.MathUtil
Returns the appoximate linear interpolated value between two numbers.
lifetime — Property, class verlocity.physics.Force
Returns the lifetime of the force
LinkedList — final class, package verlocity.core
LinkedList(iNum:int, defaultData:any) — Constructor, class verlocity.core.LinkedList
Creates a linked list.
list() — method, class verlocity.core.LinkedList
Returns a string list of all the elements in the linked list.
ListNode — final class, package verlocity.core
ListNode(setdata:any) — Constructor, class verlocity.core.ListNode
Creates a linked list node that holds data.
lLayer — Property, class verlocity.ents.DisplayEntity
Load(sPackageName:String) — method, class verlocity.components.verSave
Loads the data based on its string name.
Loops — Property, class verlocity.sound.SoundGroupSettings
LWINDOWS — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
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