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U — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
ui — Static Property, class verlocity.Verlocity
uiColor — Property, class verlocity.ents.DisplayEntity
uiColor — Property, class verlocity.particle.Particle
uiColorEnd — Property, class verlocity.particle.ParticleProperties
uiColorStart — Property, class verlocity.particle.ParticleProperties
UIElement — class, package verlocity.display.ui
UnHighlightCurrentButton() — method, class verlocity.components.verUI
Removes the current button highlight
UnHook(objToRemove:Object) — method, class verlocity.components.verEngine
Removes an object from the engine hook.
Unlock(sName:String) — method, class verlocity.components.verAchievements
Unlocks an achievement.
UnMute() — method, class verlocity.components.verSound
Unmutes the overall sound
Unregister(componentClass:Object) — Static Method , class verlocity.core.ComponentManager
Unregisters a registered component.
UnregisterButton(button:verlocity.display.ui:Button) — method, class verlocity.components.verUI
Removes button from the key input list
Up() — method, class verlocity.display.gui.PauseButton
Up() — method, class verlocity.display.ui.Button
Up() — method, class verlocity.display.ui.Scroll
UP — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.ver3D
Updates the 3D rendering.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.verCamera
Updates the camera
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.verEnts
Updates all the different lists of entities.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.verInput
Stores the last pressed keys for later reference.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.verParticles
Updates the particles, emitters, and effects.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.verSound
Updates all sounds
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.verSoundAnalyzer
Updates the FFT and averages.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.verSoundscape
Updates the soundscapes
_Update() — method, class verlocity.components.verStates
Updates the current state and handles transitions
_Update() — method, class verlocity.core.Component
Called each engine tick (verEngine), if the component updates
_Update() — method, class verlocity.display.BitmapClip
Updates the animation of the BitmapClip
_Update() — method, class verlocity.ents.DisplayEntity
Called each engine tick, do not override this.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.ents.DynamicEntity
Called each engine tick, do not override this.
Update() — method, class verlocity.ents.Entity
Called each engine tick.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.ents.Entity
Called each engine tick, do not override this.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.ents.effects.Effect
Updates the effect.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.ents.items.Pickup
Handles moving towards the activator entitiy.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.ents.spawners.BeatSpawner
Spawns an entity each time there is a beat
Update() — method, class verlocity.logic.DelayedFunction
Update() — method, class verlocity.logic.State
Called each game tick.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.particle.Particle
Updates the particle.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.particle.ParticleEmitter
Updates the emitter.
_Update() — method, class verlocity.sound.SoundObject
Updates the sound object.
_UpdateAll() — Static Method , class verlocity.core.ComponentManager
Updates all components (called by verEngine)
_UpdateCollision(ent:verlocity.ents:DynamicEntity, headNode:verlocity.core:ListNode) — method, class verlocity.components.verCollision
Preforms various collision checks on an entity
UpdateCollisionRect(nSetPosX:Number, nSetPosY:Number, nSetScaleX:Number, nSetScaleY:Number, nSetWidth:Number, nSetHeight:Number, nSetOffsetX:Number, nSetOffsetY:Number) — method, class verlocity.ents.DynamicEntity
Update the position/scale of the collision rect
_UpdateComponent() — method, class verlocity.core.Component
Updates the component, if possible.
_UpdateForces() — method, class verlocity.physics.PhysObject
An internal function that removes forces after their life time has expired.
UpdateInput() — method, class verlocity.logic.State
Called each game tick, if verInput is valid.
UpdateLoadGUI() — method, class verlocity.loaders.Preloader
Updates the Verlocity preloader.
_UpdatePhysics(ent:verlocity.ents:DynamicEntity) — method, class verlocity.components.verPhysics
URL — Property, class verlocity.sound.SoundGroup
UseDefaultFriction() — method, class verlocity.physics.PhysObject
Resets the friction of this physics object to the global constant
UseDefaultGravity() — method, class verlocity.physics.PhysObject
Resets the gravity of this physics object to the global constant
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