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V — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
Validate(instance:any) — Static Method , class verlocity.core.SingletonManager
Validates a new Singleton class instance to determine if the class has previously been instantiated, if so, an Exception is thrown, thus indicating that the class is a Singleton and is only intended to have a single instance instantiated
vars — Static Property, class verlocity.Verlocity
VectorRand() — Static Method , class verlocity.utils.MathUtil
Returns a random normalized vector.
ver3D — final class, package verlocity.components
Provides easy Away3D 3.6.0 instancing and support.
ver3D(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.ver3D
Constructor of the component.
verAchievements — final class, package verlocity.components
Provides simple addition-based achievments.
verAchievements(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verAchievements
Constructor of the component.
verBitmap — final class, package verlocity.components
Handles registration of bitmap assets.
verBitmap() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verBitmap
Constructor of the component.
verCamera — final class, package verlocity.components
A simple 2D DisplayObject-based camera.
verCamera(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verCamera
Constructor of the component.
verCollision — final class, package verlocity.components
Manages all the collision handling.
verCollision() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verCollision
Constructor of the component.
verConsole — final class, package verlocity.components
In-game debugging console with real-time stat display and logging.
verConsole(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verConsole
Constructor of the component.
verEngine — final class, package verlocity.components
The main control loop of the engine.
verEngine(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verEngine
Constructor of the component.
verEnts — final class, package verlocity.components
Manages all the entities.
verEnts() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verEnts
Constructor of the component.
verInput — final class, package verlocity.components
Keyboard and mouse input handling.
verInput(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verInput
Constructor of the component.
verLayers — final class, package verlocity.components
Stores and handles all the layers and graphics.
verLayers(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verLayers
Constructor of the component.
verlocity — package
Verlocity — final class, package verlocity
Verlocity(sStage:flash.display:Stage, sSettings:verlocity.settings:SettingsData) — Constructor, class verlocity.Verlocity
Creates the Verlocity engine.
verlocity.collision — package
verlocity.components — package
verlocity.core — package
verlocity.display — package
verlocity.display.gui — package
verlocity.display.ui — package
verlocity.ents — package
verlocity.ents.effects — package
verlocity.ents.items — package
verlocity.ents.sound — package
verlocity.ents.spawners — package
verlocity.events — package
verlocity.input — package
verlocity.lang — package
verlocity.loaders — package
verlocity.logic — package
verlocity.particle — package
verlocity.physics — package
verlocity.settings — package
verlocity.sound — package
verlocity.utils — package
verParticles — class, package verlocity.components
Bitmap-based particle system.
verParticles() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verParticles
Constructor of the component.
verPause — final class, package verlocity.components
Handles pausing and unpausing.
verPause(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verPause
Constructor of the component.
verPhysics — final class, package verlocity.components
Calculates physical forces that are acted upon the entities.
verPhysics() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verPhysics
Constructor of the component.
verSave — final class, package verlocity.components
Saves/loads local data for storage.
verSave() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verSave
Constructor of the component.
verSound — final class, package verlocity.components
Handles all the sound objects/streams of the engine.
verSound() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verSound
Constructor of the component.
verSoundAnalyzer — final class, package verlocity.components
Preforms sound both real-time and pre-time sound analyzation.
verSoundAnalyzer() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verSoundAnalyzer
Constructor of the component.
verSoundscape — final class, package verlocity.components
Handles soundscapes, which play a combination of sounds that form an environment.
verSoundscape() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verSoundscape
Constructor of the component.
verStates — final class, package verlocity.components
Manages the current state.
verStates(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verStates
Constructor of the component.
verStats — final class, package verlocity.components
Calculates and holds many useful performance stats.
verStats(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verStats
Constructor of the component.
verUI — final class, package verlocity.components
Handles all the UI elements.
verUI(sStage:flash.display:Stage) — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verUI
Constructor of the component.
verVariables — final class, package verlocity.components
Creates global variables useful for score, health, and more.
verVariables() — Constructor, class verlocity.components.verVariables
Constructor of the component.
view — Property, class verlocity.components.ver3D
Returns the 3D view
VolMax — Property, class verlocity.sound.SoundGroupSettings
VolMin — Property, class verlocity.sound.SoundGroupSettings
VolumeDown(nAmount:Number) — method, class verlocity.components.verSound
Turns the overall volume down by a certain amount Also notifies via HUD messages.
VolumeUp(nAmount:Number) — method, class verlocity.components.verSound
Turns the overall volume up by a certain amount Also notifies via HUD messages.
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