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P — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
padLeft(p_string:String, p_padChar:String, p_length:uint) — Static Method , class verlocity.utils.StringUtil
Pads p_string with specified character to a specified length from the left.
padRight(p_string:String, p_padChar:String, p_length:uint) — Static Method , class verlocity.utils.StringUtil
Pads p_string with specified character to a specified length from the right.
Parallax(aLayers:Array, nScrollX:Number, nScrollY:Number, nScrollZ:Number) — method, class verlocity.components.verLayers
Preforms a parallaxing effect between a select layers.
parent — Property, class verlocity.ents.DisplayEntity
Returns the parent display object container.
Particle — final class, package verlocity.particle
ParticleEmitter — final class, package verlocity.particle
ParticleEmitter(nPosX:Number, nPosY:Number, iSetLifeTime:int, iMaxPartAmount:int) — Constructor, class verlocity.particle.ParticleEmitter
Creates a particle emitter
ParticleProperties — final class, package verlocity.particle
ParticleProperties(uiSetColorStart:uint, uiSetColorEnd:uint, iSetLifeTime:int, pStartSetVel:flash.geom:Point, pStartSetAccel:flash.geom:Point) — Constructor, class verlocity.particle.ParticleProperties
Creates an instance of the particle properties
particles — Static Property, class verlocity.Verlocity
pause — Static Property, class verlocity.Verlocity
Pause() — method, class verlocity.components.verEngine
Pauses the main game loop.
Pause() — method, class verlocity.components.verPause
Pauses everything
Pause() — method, class verlocity.ents.DisplayEntity
Pauses the display object (if it's a MovieClip/_bitmapClip and was playing)
Pause() — method, class verlocity.sound.SoundObject
Pauses the sound object.
PAUSEABLE — Property, class verlocity.settings.SettingsData
PAUSABLE is the overall setting that completely disables pausing.
PauseAll() — method, class verlocity.components.verSound
Pauses all sounds
PauseAllAnimations() — method, class verlocity.components.verEnts
Pauses animations of all entities that have animations.
PauseButton — class, package verlocity.display.gui
PauseButton(sText:String, tfFormat:flash.text:TextFormat, iPosX:int, iPosY:int, fButton:Function, fCondition:Function, iSetWidth:int) — Constructor, class verlocity.display.gui.PauseButton
PauseMenu — class, package verlocity.display.gui
PauseMenu(iPosX:int, iPosY:int) — Constructor, class verlocity.display.gui.PauseMenu
PAUSEMENU_GUI — Property, class verlocity.settings.SettingsData
With SHOW_PAUSEMENU disabled, you can specify your own pause menu GUI with this setting.
PAUSE_ONFOCUSLOST — Property, class verlocity.settings.SettingsData
Percent(nVal:Number, nMax:Number) — Static Method , class verlocity.utils.MathUtil
Returns the percentage value (0-1) of two numbers ( val / max ).
PGDN — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
PGUP — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
phys — Static Property, class verlocity.Verlocity
phys — Property, class verlocity.ents.DynamicEntity
Returns the physics object (short-hand).
PHYS_GRAVITY — Property, class verlocity.settings.SettingsData
The default gravity to apply on all physics objects if they have gravity enabled.
PhysObject — final class, package verlocity.physics
PhysObject(pVelocityDirection:flash.geom:Point, nVelocityMagnitude:Number, nSetMass:Number) — Constructor, class verlocity.physics.PhysObject
Pickup — class, package verlocity.ents.items
PitchMax — Property, class verlocity.sound.SoundGroupSettings
PitchMin — Property, class verlocity.sound.SoundGroupSettings
play() — method, class verlocity.display.BitmapClip
Play() — method, class verlocity.ents.DisplayEntity
Plays the display object (if it's a MovieClip/BitmapClip)
Play(nPosition:Number) — method, class verlocity.sound.SoundObject
Plays the sound object.
player — Static Property, class verlocity.Verlocity
Returns the reference to the player entity.
Playtime — Property, class verlocity.sound.SoundGroup
PLUS_PAD — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.input.KeyCode
PreloadAsset(className:Class, bAnimated:Boolean, iRotationAmount:int) — method, class verlocity.components.verBitmap
Preloads an asset for bitmap usage.
Preloader — class, package verlocity.loaders
Preloader() — Constructor, class verlocity.loaders.Preloader
Creates the preloader.
Press() — method, class verlocity.display.ui.Button
prevFrame() — method, class verlocity.display.BitmapClip
previous — Property, class verlocity.core.ListNode
properCase(p_string:String) — Static Method , class verlocity.utils.StringUtil
Properly cases' the string in "sentence format".
properties — Property, class verlocity.particle.Particle
property — Property, class verlocity.events.GlobalEvent
PROPERTY_CHANGED — Constant Static Property, class verlocity.events.GlobalEvent
pStartAccel — Property, class verlocity.particle.ParticleProperties
pStartVel — Property, class verlocity.particle.ParticleProperties
push(data:any) — method, class verlocity.core.LinkedList
Pushes a new node at the top of the list.
put(name:String, value:any) — method, class verlocity.core.Global
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